The Naked Voice

"With The Naked Voice , Steve Smith has given each singer who reads this book a precious gift: one that not only gives insight into the seemingly elusive term of vocal technique, but one that grants individual artists the license to express themselves freely, live meaningful lives, and let their naked voices rattle into the rafters." - Joyce DiDonato, Mezzo-Soprano

"Stephen Smith presents a clear and honest approach to singing in his book The Naked Voice . His descriptions and vocal exercises will be helpful to beginning students, as well as seasoned performers. I felt as though I were having a voice lesson with Steve as I read the book! I think that singers will not only find a way to express their authentic voices, but will also find a deeper understanding of their authentic inner selves in following his instruction." - Christine Brewer, Soprano

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"The appeal of The Naked Voice lies in Smith's willingness to confide his often unique philosophy and procedures to his readers in direct, accessible language without ceremony or stiffness. Frequent testimonials from happy students attest to the author's success as a teacher. His highly personal approach deals with issues of interest to singers..." - Richard Miller, Emeritus Professor of Singing, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

"I have known Stephen Smith for many years and have come to admire him as one of America's finest teachers of voice. This book gives us an accessible and engaging view of his thoughts and the conditions necessary to create vocal freedom. The advice to young singers on the myriad aspects of building a career and maintaining vocal health is straight forward, honest, knowing, and, if taken to heart, enormously helpful." - Robert L. Larsen, Artistic Director, Des Moines Metro Opera and Editor of the G. Schirmer Opera Anthologies

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